Zombies, also known as the infected, appear to have black blood flowing from their veins and their skin has turned white. They are humans who were infected by the pandemic, which caused brain infections and caused them to mutate into horrifying new forms. The resulting creatures are vicious and will attack any uninfected person or animal that comes into contact with them.

In the Zombie Guillotine metaverse, the main enemy type is zombies. Humans infected with the virus will not feel pain or other emotions, making them more difficult to defeat because they will always charge forward, even if they have received multiple gunshots. The only way to get rid of them is with a fatal blow to the head.

Zombie Types :

Common Infected : aggressive, tenacious and will attack on sight.They usually attack in groups so be careful in engaging them

Some zombies are stronger which is the effect of very long time of being infected.Some known evolution are as follows :

"The Stalker" : They have evolved to crawl, which allows them to move faster, and they make a distinct excited snarling sound, so hiding and fleeing is highly recommended. They are great hunters, so make sure to find them before they find you. They're usually found in the rural places.
One distinct behavior of this evolved zombie is that it doesn't attack upfront. It stalks and hide once it detects you and will attack on the most optimal time it thinks is best to attack. Be wary of your surroundings, stop and think if you feel you're being stalked.

"The IMP" : They are playful little zombies that can climb trees. You know they're around if you hear an annoying childish laugh, They might be playful but brutal. They're also hard to kill as they flee if they are in critical health.

"The Goblin" (BOSS TYPE) : They're called the goblin because it crafts itself a projectile that will explode and deal massive damage to anyone caught on it. They're usually seen on former urban places such as cities, towns and suburbs. VERY AGGRESSIVE zombie, be careful

"The Screamer" (BOSS TYPE) : They're different in terms of health and toughness. This evolved infected usually dwells on dark and moist areas. Don't startle it as they let out a loud cry that will attract all undead in the area. RUN ON SIGHT!

"The Immortal" (BOSS TYPE) : Dont' fight it, that's all there is to it, this monster is usually in a hot deserted area. Stalks, Fast, Can instantly kill anyone. Quick recovery. Don't fight it alone, heck just don't fight it.

Most of these evolved zombies have more HONOR drops compared to the common but then the evolved ones are harder to eliminate.
This is as far as our records show but it's possible that there are more evolved zombie out there, maybe no one have ever lived to tell the tale.