Other Game Features

Features to be added to the game :

Player-driven economy - All equipment and items are made or minted by other players. Game offers both PVE and PVP experience.Players can then sell or trade with other players, craft into gear,tools or food that can be sold or traded, and otherwise create a virtual marketplace within the game that is separate from the developer's in-game stores.

Night and day Cycle - Time of the day affects zombie's behavior and player's stats(Stamina, Hunger etc).

Seasons - Affect environmental item production (crops, food, animals) and all character's stats and behavior.

Exploration - – Massive, one-of-a-kind, and diverse environments that allow you to play the game in any way you want with a large number of people.

Character Customization - Gear up and dress your character in either fashionable or intimidating way, you choose.

Personal Shelter Creation (NFT Land) - Your land, your rules. You can purchase a Land, establish a building for your guild or set up a market to showcase your NFT weapons to sell. You can also create a farmland to produce valuable materials to create weapons or health aids.

Hunger System - For continuous playability of the character, there is a hunger system that player must maintain. Hunting, fishing, and crafting food is the solution for the stamina depletion.

Plant and grow plants/crops for long-term resources, or venture out into the wilderness to hunt over a dozen different wild animals, these are the things you can do to survive.

Scavenge Loots - Scavenge and craft items such as bullets, create throwable and temporary weapons, Cooking ingredients.

Cooperate or Compete - In an apocalyptic world ruled by zombies, you can choose to work cooperatively to kill zombies or compete against one another to kill other players.

Class and Skills with Class specific NFTs:
Engineer - Class that focuses on weapon advancement, ability to create and upgrade shelter. (NFT weapons)
Ranger - Class that focuses on hunting, taming, and crop development. (NFT Pets : Horse, dog, falcon)
Medic - Class that focuses on crafting medicine consumables and, ability to revive fallen survivors. (NFT medkit)

Engineer Class

Ranger Class

Medic Class