NFT Melee Weapons

Melee weapons don't need bullets to be used, but they have significantly lower durability compared to firearms. Melee weapons are excellent for dealing with enemies who get too close. Many enemies can be defeated with a single hit, while others require you to whack them multiple times while avoiding their attacks.

Blunt types(Bat,Baton, etc.) are not effective damage dealers but it is effective on staggering the infected.This will stop the common infected on attacking which will give you time for escaping or dealing a more fatal blow by targetting the head.Bladed Types(knife, sword, axe etc.) defeat most enemies with a single attack. This is extremely useful for stealth playstyles, as it allows you to defeat an alerted enemy before they can raise the alarm. They also swing much faster than blunt weapons, allowing them to defeat an enemy much faster. However they all have fairly low durability and can also permanently break. Using efficiently will guarantee a quick silent defeat that you will prefer over guns that cause loud noise which can attract a horde of infected.

Both weapons have advantages; it is really up to how you play the game in different situations, such as using blunt types in a crowded area by staggering multiple targets and escaping, or using bladed for a quick defeat and hide.

Swing Recovery :
Melee weapons can only be used in a specific moment of swing.
The F key triggers melee attack.
And the swing recovery is the amount of time in seconds to be able to trigger another melee attack

Tier :
is the multiplier on the Damage of the nft.
example :
Bat Damage is 1,
if tier 2, Damage * Tier : Damage is now 2. Damage basis is now 2.

Refer to Upgrade tab to know how to get higher tier assets*