NFT Guns

Zombie Guillotine is more reliant on skill. You must know how to use your guns and melee weapons(such as knives or swords), but having stronger or rare weapon is still a significant advantage. With this in mind, we should be aware that the most important requirement for getting started is to obtain your first NFT gun or melee weapon. Keep in mind you can only use one gun and one melee weapon at the same time.

Stability is the rate of idle weapon sway and recoil(1-10 rating, 1 with the most recoil, 10 with the best stability).
Firepower is the damage output(1-10 rating, 1 with the least damage, 10 with the most).
Range is the distance the gunshot can reach(1-10 rating, 1 with the least range, 10 with the most).
Magazine Capacity is the amount of bullets the gun can shoot before reloading.
Reload speed is the amount of time spent on reloading.
Durability is the number of times the gun can be used before breaking. Durability can be replenished through repairs using HONOR but be careful on using the weapon up to 0 durability, since it has a chance of breaking permanently, so it's advisable to repair it if it runs low. Be smart about using the guns.

Guns are all based on your preference. They have their own advantages and disadvantages; it's all up to you on how you can utilize such advantages in different situations. You can utilize the rifle's range in a forest and open spaces, while the fire power of the heavy guns are more effective in tight spaces. SMGs, on the other hand, are quite the balanced type of gun. It's all about your own instincts as a survivor.

Tier :
is the multiplier on the firepower of the nft.
example :
SMG firepower is 1,
if tier 2, firepower * Tier : firepower is now 2. firepower basis is now 2.

Refer to Upgrade tab to know how to get higher tier assets*