How To Play?

Earning $ZOMG can be done by first getting HONOR tokens. HONOR tokens are in-game currency that can be used for repairs, buying usable items like bullets, healthpacks and throwable weapons(molotovs, bombs, etc). Earning HONOR begins with eliminating the infected in the open world. It can also be earned through PVP and other in-game events.

IMPORTANT: HONOR tokens earned from defeating zombies in the instances or open world can either be saved in a safe area to be recorded or wait for the auto-record every 2 hours in the world, if you died before returning to the safe area or it being recorded, all HONOR earned will be lost.

Game Controls on PC :

Left Mouse Button : Shoot gun/Melee attack/Throw bomb (While aiming)
Right Mouse Button : Aiming(Hold)
*To make the game experience more immersive in terms of hearing the presence of other game characters, the audio is in 3D. It is important to enable audio while playing.

Zombie Guillotine will also be available soon on android/ios.